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The most important part of divorce is the future.

Our mission is to guide and support families through divorce.

Our vision is to rebuild lives.

Practical Support

Being a separated parent presents a host of new practical challenges. Our Kids First offer practical support services ranging broadly from food and childcare help through home moving support and any other practical help that arise as a result of their changing circumstance. 

“My life wouldn’t be the same without the help I received.”

Gett Support

Worrying about your Gett is nerve-racking and intimidating for most. Our Kids First’s dedicated caseworkers will support you throughout the process. We will help with the application, explain the process and attend the Gett ceremony with youWe also act as intermediaries for liaising with the Dayanim and former partners with positivity and respect for all parties to assist a speedier and more amicable resolution. 

“Having my caseworker with me when I got my Gett was so helpful. It made it less unsettling.”

Emotional Support

Divorce involves many different emotions and can be a lonely world. Our Kids First know what you are going through. Our dedicated case workers provide validation, friendship and guidance by being a warm and understanding listening ear. We are here to help and support families through an emotionally challenging time. Without the divorcing parents receiving the correct support, the children are the first to suffer. OKF can signpost to appropriate therapeutic service providers to support service users and their children. 

“I can speak to my caseworker when I have nowhere else to turn.”

Legal Support

The civil divorce process often feels overwhelming.
Who do I call?
What process do I begin first?
How do I fill in a form?
Our Kids First along with our broad network of professionals will hold your hands through the process. We aim to alleviate the load by helping both parents navigate the often confusing and expensive world of Family Lawyers. We help them focus on resolving the divorce quickly and amicably, thereby limiting their children’s exposure to conflict.

“Being guided step by step on what we needed to do, to get the civil divorce was indispensable.”