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Confidentiality Commitment


Here at Our Kids First, we understand that keeping your confidentiality during this challenging time is of utmost importance. Our commitment to our service users at OKF is that we respect everyone’s privacy and maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection to ensure your peace of mind.


It is Our Kids First’s (OKF) duty to hold confidential information in strictest confidence, for the sole and exclusive benefit of the disclosing party.


Your caseworker will maintain your confidentiality throughout your journey with the organisation.   OKF staff are ethically and legally bound to protect the confidentiality of all communications. Including any information you share relating to your divorce or personal circumstance, documents or written communication.  


OKF shall carefully restrict access to confidential information to OKF staff, volunteers, therapists, and other allied partners as is reasonably required for the life span of the service users’ case, and shall require those persons to sign the relevant OKF Confidentiality Agreement.  


We will not share any private discussions or any legal information discussed with anyone else or on any form of social media, unless this has been expressly agreed.  


There are some situations, as defined in OKF’s Safeguarding Policy, in which we are legally obligated to breach confidentiality in order to protect you or others from harm.  


OKF mediation is always without prejudice and is not legally binding. This confidentiality agreement extends to protect any informal mediation undertaken through OKF and its outcome from disclosure to the court. If you are consulting a legal professional, a copy of your mediation summary can be shown to your solicitors to assist them in advising you. While participating in mediation with OKF, formally or informally, it follows that any unauthorised recording of private conversations on phones or other devices is not acceptable and is likely to lead to the termination of the process, unless discussed and agreed in advance. 


It is also implied and understood that you undertake the same degree of responsibility towards confidentiality with any matters relating to OKF and/or any other service users you encounter.  


The confidentiality provisions of this agreement shall remain in effect indefinitely.